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Department of Herpetology

Brown Anole
Anolis sagrei
The Brown Anole lives throuhout the Carribean and Florida. In fact in most parts of the state they outnumber the Green Anole which is the only anole native to Florida. The brown anole can climb as well as any other anole species but are more commonly spotted on the ground, basking or hunting. They were my introduction to herpetoculture and they are for many other people as well. All the specimens I've ever had i captured in the wild myself.

Madagascar Ground Gecko
Paroedura pictus
As the name aplies it is a terestrial species of gecko native to Madagascar. In appearnce it resembles a small leapord gecko. They are simple to keep and breed.

Bearded Dragon
Pagonna vitticeps
It is a native of the Australian Outback. This desert dweller has the interesting habit of extending a "beard" when aggitated, giving it it's name. Recently it has become a mainstay of the pet trade.